Business consulting

We help our clients to make their plans feasible by attracting the necessary financing. We offer preparation of all the documentation required to apply for the EU and National Funds. From this segment, we specialize in the preparation of:

  • Investment study
  • Business plan
  • Feasibility study and CBA
  • Development Strategy
  • Climate changes

Project development

The company employs a number of expert business consultants, with long-term experience in the submission of proposals and in the implementation of projects. 

We start working with our clients by exploring funding options and selecting the right program for their project idea. After a thorough consideration of the customer’s needs and expectations, we develop the project concept, draft the application, and conduct a thorough quality check.

  • Developing project concept
  • Working out details
  • Drafting the application form

Managing your project

Our project management team provides a complete service package that includes meeting program expectations for day-to-day coordination, communication and facilitation, quality content delivery, management, funding and reporting. We work hard to meet the unique needs of your organization and adapt our methods and solutions to these situations. Our consultants have the complex multicultural, administrative and financial management skills and experience, as well as the necessary knowledge to oversee your multinational partnerships in accordance with European requirements and regulations.  

  • Project management and administration
  • Assistance in the implementation of project activities
  • Financial Reporting
  • Public procurement

Project communication

Internal project communication is key to not only supporting project goals, but also fostering engagement and creating synergies within partner organizations and between stakeholders. That is why we support internal knowledge sharing, capacity building and synergy building through roundtables and internal consultations to foster stakeholder engagement.


 In external communications for your project, we can help you by preparing and moderating dissemination events, developing communication strategies, creating and maintaining communication channels (newsletter, social media, etc.), and designing promotional materials, including related program requirements. 


Training and capacity building

We have developed training programmes for public and private institutions, in particular linked to EU and other funds, circular economy, sustainable energy, the development of successful project applications and management of approved projects. These trainings are offered as “in-company” capacity building programs that are specifically designed to meet your needs.